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Our Mission

PROaupair’s  mission is to recruit au pairs with professional backgrounds so that families can count on extremely high calibre of care for their children. PROaupair understands that every family is unique and care requirements vary from one family to the next. That’s why we offer three categories of professional childcare: special needs, infant care and childcare for ages 2+.

About us

PROaupair was founded by a Susan Asay, a German working mum, living in California, USA to recruit educated bilingual child care professionals from Germany – the best talent to care for her own children and for families like yours.

Watch an interview with Susan Asay on a US News Channel here:

The First Special Needs Professional Live-in Au Pair Child Care program

Founded in the United States, our experienced Au Pairs are looking for an additional work opportunity, career development and travel.  Australia is one of their favourite travel destinations.

This is amazing news for our Australian Host Families! As part of our cultural exchange program, you can now have an experienced care giver live in your home for around $14-16 p/h with degrees in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapist or Paediatric Nursing. Many of our Au Pairs have extensive experience working with babies and children and often travel to Australia after the completion of their exchange program in USA.

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Meet Trevor...

Meet Trevor…

Trevor is in many ways a very happy 10 year old boy. However, he is undiagnosed and he continues to lose many of the skills and physical abilities he once had.  His parents are faced with the same challenges that many parents of children with special needs face – they are managing busy careers, other children, a home, demanding therapy routines, and the many therapists and doctors involved with supporting Trevor.

With the help of Sandra (26), a German Occupational Therapist, Trevor is a happy, joyful child who is reaping the benefits of her care. Sandra is a Professional Special Needs Au Pair who provides the loving individual care and experienced support that Trevor and his siblings need in their daily lives.

Implementing every aspect of the therapy plans developed by his American therapists, Sandra is making a tremendous difference in the lives of Trevor and the entire family. Using her professional skill-set and loving support, Trevor and his siblings are receiving the care that they each need, and the entire family is reaping the benefits of having this amazing young woman in their lives.

Sometimes we forget that we only can do it because we have another adult, who loves our children, living in our house.
- Holly, Trevor’s mother

Thank You to Sandra and Holly’s family for sharing these precious moments.

The APEX PROaupair program aims to provide a unique and rewarding cultural exchange opportunity.

Our mission is to make a difference, one life, one child, one family at a time.


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