• How long does it take to match with an au pair?
    PROaupair has a steady supply of professional au pairs available for interviews. Matching time varies – it can be as little as a few days or a few weeks depending upon factors such as the family’s specific needs, start date and expertise required.
  • How soon can an au pair arrive in Australia?
    Once a family matches, an au pair can typically arrive in as little as one month.
  • What is the difference between a professional au pair and a domestic nanny?
    PROaupair’s professional au pairs are, in effect, international nannies. Both are private, childcare providers who work for a family. However, professional au pairs offer many benefits as they are degree professionals with particular childcare expertise, cost the same regardless of how many children in the family, and are more cost effective than nannies.
  • Does PROaupair have male au pairs?
    Male caregivers are an excellent option for some families and PROaupair offers families the choice of both female and male au pairs.
  • How long can an au pair stay with a family in Australia?
    Au pairs can stay in Australia for one year.
  • Will I need to pay taxes for my au pair?
    PROaupair recommends you speak with your tax advisor regarding your tax obligations.
  • Do au pairs drive?
    Most of our au pairs drive, which is one of the benefits of the program. Professional au pairs have a driver’s licence from their home country and come to Australia with an international driver’s permit. Host families are required to secure car insurance for their au pairs and help them become accustomed to driving in Australia.
  • Do au pairs pay to participate in the program?
    Yes, au pairs pay a program fee. The program fee covers major expenditures and is earned back after a couple of months on the program. Our professional au pairs see the fee as an investment in their careers.
  • Does PROaupair provide local support?
    Yes. PROaupair’s program director and area directors conduct monthly check-ins with host families and au pairs and are always available to address questions and concerns.
  • What if there is an emergency?
    PROaupair offers a 24/7-support line in the event of an accident or other situation involving the health, safety or welfare of an au pair. Call 1800 854 262 to speak with a PROaupair staff member who can provide guidance or assistance.  

Additional questions? Please contact PROaupair at 1800 854 262.