Parents with children ages 2 and older are navigating everything from potty training to play dates. They need a childcare provider who can provide assistance with the family’s ever-changing needs. PROaupair’s Childcare Ages 2+ program matches families with childcare providers with significant experience caring for children ages two and older.

The au pairs in PROaupair’s Childcare 2+ program have degrees in education, either as preschool or kindergarten teachers and are adept at caring for children. They provide children with personalised attention and support day-to-day activities including meals, chores, homework, and playtime – ensuring parents have more quality time to spend with their children.

Candidates in our Childcare 2+ program have experience with all types of care including:

  • Making meals at home
  • Packing lunches for school
  • Bath time
  • Creating and enforcing bedtime routines
  • Providing assistance in bathroom training
  • Arranging activities based on age
  • Managing logistics of various activities such as play dates
  • Helping children get dressed
  • Doing the children’s laundry
  • Keeping children’s rooms clean and organised
  • Helping with childcare during family holidays
  • Participating in school or other outings and activities
  • Allowing parents a ‘date night’
  • Allowing parents to attend child-free functions for work or socially

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